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About Us

Capturing Stunning images is not always easy, but when you do they stir emotion and evoke passion.

My name is Colin Poultney, a Photographer.  Sports photography really gives me a buzz, capturing images that come as just a fleeting glance. Whether it be a high powered car or a local football match, the effect is still the same.

Collage Images has the capacity to deliver high quality images for a range of needs. Whether its an event or a studio shoot, your images will reflect your desire for the very best in quality.


Sports Photography

Fast action on the track or on the field always looks dramatic and can be an asset to any website, brochure, magazine or leaflet. The fleeting moment captured as a still image looks truly outstanding. Available for Sports editorial work and media projects. If you would like a photographer for an event or would like to discuss ideas, then please get in touch via the


Lucy Crawling3.jpg

Studio / Portrait Photography

With access to studios becoming more of the norm, you can have your very own Model shoot for a bit of fun, as a gift, for college / university work or for your portfolio. Just because the pictures are shot in a studio it doesnt mean they have to be a standard format, check out my studio photography and be inspired.


Studio Product Photography

The internet is where most images spend their days and advertising is vital to the success of your company. Getting good quality images of your products makes them more attractive to the buyer. We have a selection of various product style shots that we hope inspire you into contacting us to discuss the options.


Student / Portfolio Sessions

We know how hard it can be for students to get access to high quality images and we are happy to discuss ideas and shoots on a case by case basis. Remember its the little things that count. We can put you in touch with local photographers who will give your hard work the look it deserves.

Click Here to see some of the students work from previous shoots or Contact us for further information.

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