Thanks for taking the time to log on and have a look a the most recent pictures from the Harlequins. To save you and the club time, the easiest way to to place your order is direct with us.

  1. Click on the order form below and download it

  2. Review the pictures below and then complete the order form

  3. Send the completed form to

  4. We will continue to take orders up until Midnight on Sunday 15th August 2021.

  5. All orders placed before the cut off date will be printed and bulk delivered to the club (Date will be advised via Email)

  6. Payment for all orders will be take on delivery, Both Cash and Card payments are accepted.

Below are also 2 sample pictures of what the photo mounts will look like. They are available for both 6x4 & 9x6 Prints. There are also Sample pictures of the Keyrings and Fridge Magnets / Min Frames

Order Form

Image 6.jpg